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Import and export of rebar and market status
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Steel is commonly known as hot -rolled rib steel. Ordinary hot -rolled reinforcement is composed of the minimum value of HRB and the brands.

From a macro perspective, domestic steel prices have fallen sharply in 2013, and the prices of Chinese steel products will fall sharply because there have been overcapacity problems, and the price of raw iron ore has also decreased. The slowdown in China's economic growth is inhibiting the country's demand for steel and iron ore, thereby dragging down the price of the two commodities to a few months, and the expansion plan of global iron ore manufacturers is facing risks. It is expected that the trend of the next few months will not change, because the production capacity is too large and the industry integration speed is too slow; at the same time, the problem of excess supply of iron ore will also increase, indicating that the price will continue to lower.

medium size, and China has a certain import volume every year. The main producing countries and regions are Japan and Western Europe. The number of exported rebar has increased, and the main domestic export manufacturers are steel enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Sichuan, Liaoning and other provinces and cities. The main export areas are Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia.
The geometry of the transverse rib of imported rebar is mainly ordinary square thread or ordinary oblique square thread. The cross-rib geometry of domestic rebar mainly includes three types: spiral, herringbone and crescent. The ordering principle of rebar is generally based on the requirements of the grip performance required by the engineering design, and the mechanical process performance or mechanical strength index is the main factor.

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