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Steel Pipe Is An Economic Steel
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steel pipe is divided into: welded pipe, seamless steel tube and metal hose.

Welded steel Pipe has: low-pressure fluid transport and ordinary fluid transport spiral welding, straight seam welding, fluid transport of stainless steel welding, special shaft welded steel pipe, ordinary carbon steel wire casing, mechanical structure stainless steel welded steel pipe.

Steel pipes are: Structural seamless steel tubes, fluid transport seamless steel tubes, diesel engine with high-pressure seamless steel tubes, hydraulic and pneumatic precision seamless steel tubes, Steel Pipe structural and fluid transport with stainless steel seamless steel tubes, small diameter seamless tubes of stainless steels, immortal acid steel thin-walled seamless steel tubes and cold-drawn seamless steel tubes.

Metal hose: P3 type Galvanized metal hose and S-type brazing stainless steel pipe metal Hose

The steel pipe is not only used for conveying fluid and powdery solids, exchanging heat, making mechanical parts and containers, it is also an economic steel. Using steel tube to make structure truss, pillar and mechanical bracket can reduce weight, save metal $number, and realize factory mechanized construction. (Tianjin Steel Pipe Company Processing Workshop because of the use of steel pipe truss structure, Steel Pipe the actual saving of steel up to 42.9%), the use of steel pipe to make road bridges can not only save steel, simplify construction, but also greatly reduce the area of coating, saving investment and maintenance costs. Therefore, any other type of steel can not completely replace the steel pipe, but the steel pipe may replace parts and rods. Steel Pipe has a great relationship with the development of national economy and the quality of human life, which is far better than other steel. From the people's Daily utensils, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas, ventilation and heating facilities to a variety of agricultural equipment manufacturing, underground resources development, defense and aerospace use of guns, bullets, missiles, rockets, etc. Steel Pipe can not be separated from steel pipe.

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