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Common methods for 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe an
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Common methods for 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe anti-corrosion:

1. Pipeline anticorrosion generally uses two main methods commonly used: outer coating and cathodic protection.

2. Although most of the surface of the pipeline is covered by the coating, an incredible corrosion rate will occur if there is a slight leak and even piercing or cracking. Therefore, in pipeline anti-corrosion, the coating system and cathodic protection are generally deployed to achieve a coverage rate of 99.99% to avoid unimaginable results in the future.

3. The cathodic protection selected for pipeline anticorrosion is divided into dedicated cathodic protection and impressed current cathodic protection.

4.3 PE anti-corrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion coating is used to form a continuous covering layer of insulating material to insulate the metal in direct contact with the electrolyte directly so that the correct electrolytic reaction cannot occur.

5. The non-connected points during the coating laying process are called leaking points. The main reason for this is the coating, transportation, or installation process. It may also be caused by the aging of the coating, soil stress, or the movement of the pipeline in the soil. Discover the damage caused by the third party in time.

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